I’m not sure what mood I’m in but it’s an extremely happy one!!

I just came across a poem I wrote when I was 12! this is so baffling and its weird because now at my 18 years I would not be able to write something like that at all!!!! And I didn’t even have the slightest experience in teen “love” at the time as well!

here you read and judge.

Love is a wondrous feelin.
I beg to differ to this saying,
As why, you may notice is
That when in love you are scared
Scared to cause pain
Scared to receive it
Scared to lose the person
Scared to get lost
When in love you may see paranoia
You may start seeing your lover lost
You may begin to distrust
Causing pain to you and that one
You may even give up
And soon when love fades
Its pain, sorrow, loss of fair judgement
And that moment is when you know
Love isn’t always a beautiful thing.
And so we come to conclusion
Love is a constant ripple
Between joy
an illusion

See what I mean? Also very proud of myself because even then I was no stranger to sarcasm haha


So I wasted my money again

There was the new game out called Call of Duty and so I spent all my money on it….I’m ashamed I swear but still it is so good to play!!! Everyone should try out playing this game cause it is awesome though it wastes your time and life it is still good haha